All things start with dreams and visions. Visualizing the dream mobilizes the universes. If we share our vision openly we serendipitously meet likeminded people who want to ignite their vision and see it realized.

AKHO feeds dreams. It’s named after, Akhtar Tariq Mustafa, Pakistan’s first television chef and a social worker who helped women feed themselves and build food businesses lovingly called Akho. When the belly is full dreams grow. Today with all the technology at hand we cannot accept that people sleep hungry in the same city that we live. All we want to do now is to take a small step and address this short coming ourselves. We also believe deeply that we are not alone. There are many of us everywhere who will support our step and move it to stride.

For the time being a few of us have started a community of volunteers. Some will raise funds and some will work in the logistics.

Our aim is to provide rice to hungry poor. Our plan is simple. We identify women champions who have access to other poorer women who struggle to feed their children who at times sleep hungry. These women are provided the means to cook one ‘Deg’ of Aloo walay Chawal (Rice). There is evidence that women create order, are vigilant against corruption and prioritize children and other poorer women. Based on this we empower our champions to invite others and spread the word to access other poor marginalized families to eat. Getting together provides a place for conversation, awareness raising and confidence building. Good things happen. That’s how they find more opportunities and ideas and dreams.

Men especially laborers have always had access to ‘langars’ (free food). Women have shirked from these male dominated areas and are rarely able to walk the distances involved. However extra rice is distributed daily to needy male members as well.

Join us when you can and contribute whatever share you feel you can. Just stay with us and continue to send us good wishes.

Let us start. The rest is up to Allah who feeds all creatures big and small.

There are multiple ways you can help others to change their lives

  • Start a workplace campaign to raise funds or items
  • Train & teach our women
  • Become a Volunteer
  • Become a regular Partners
  • Spend a few hours

Akho Monthly Food Cost Break Down